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Welcome to IUP’s new online home! Thank you for choosing to study with us and for your continued support of the program! IUP’s alumni network is unquestionably one of the strengths of our program and that’s because we have former students like you.


Where is Robert now?

College Counselor, Teacher, and Alumni Community Builder Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School

IUP was a perfect program for me as a career professional wanting to improve my Chinese. My classmates came from various backgrounds and experiences, yet all were serious students. The classes were small and each of my teachers invested in my learning. I was quite pleased with my progress and wish I had the opportunity to take courses each summer. There are courses on many interesting subjects. Because of my background in law, I picked up the criminal law and civil law texts at IUP and have continued to review them to stay sharp. Overall, the program exceeded my expectations.

Where is Alec now?

Writer and Managing Editor Los Angeles Review of Books China Channel

My year at IUP was one of the most stimulating and challenging times of my life. The learning curve was very steep for me, as I only had quite basic Chinese to begin with, but the dedicating tutoring at IUP knocked it into shape. I especially enjoyed branching into guwen and Tang poetry at the end. I use Chinese in all of my on-the-ground interviews and research in China, to write articles and books about China for audiences back home. Without the excellent training at IUP, I would not have been able to write my book Wish Lanterns profiling six young Chinese.

Where is Jesse now?

Comedian and Founder US-China Comedy Center

I spent my time there doing everything from learning Chinese comedy routines to working with a teacher one-on-one to help me write a bilingual movie script. It was a fantastic environment for me to drill into the deep places of the interests I had in China and know that I had a supporting group of teachers to push me to learn, write, and create. Since I do Chinese performance, I need to be able to speak Chinese well enough that I can create my own works. In addition, it turns out to be really important to be able to "pitch" ideas in Chinese as well.


If you haven’t already, please join the IUP Alumni Association! It’s the best way to stay in touch with what’s happening at IUP, connect to other alumni in Beijing, Shanghai, South China, New York, and Washington DC. The IUP alumni association also regularly receives job descriptions and recruitment materials from companies and organizations seeking international applicants with excellent Chinese language skills. IUP maintains an updated list of alumni contacts, through which we share event notices and job opportunities.

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    Studying at IUP is a career-changing experience. Please show your appreciation by supporting IUP. Contact us for more information! Thank you!



    Thanks to the hard work of IUP alumnus, Phil Lisio (IUP Taipei, ’92, ’93), current IUP students have been using an iPhone app with most of IUP’s core textbooks loaded into the application for the last couple of years.
    This handy app syncs IUP text with audio tracks for an easy way to review the materials for classes. The app also has official IUP vocabulary definitions, particles of speech, and pinyin pronunciation, highlighted in the text and preloaded in flashcard format! In addition, Baidu’s open-source dictionary powers vocabulary functions for words not in the textbook vocabulary lists. Finally, the IUP iPhone app utilizes a basic spaced-repetition function to allow users the ability to flip through flashcards, with words the user marks as “incorrect” popping up more frequently when reviewing vocabulary flashcards.



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