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Information about IUP’s 2020 Fall Term Online Program for applicants and enrolled students:

1. Online Platform:
We will use Zoom as the platform for our online classes. Zoom can meet the needs for both 1 on 1 classes and small group classes with 1 teacher on 4 – 5 students.

2. Time Differences between Teacher and Students:
Students must provide information to us that includes your time zone, your preferred class meeting time, and alternative class times that you would be willing to accept. IUP teachers will be flexible with timing, but we will not be able to schedules classes that begin earlier than 8am or later than 10pm Beijing time.

3. 1 on 1 Classes and Small Group Classes
Both types of classes can be arranged and can be effectively presented through the Zoom platform. The number of 1 on 1 classes that students will take will be arranged according to the needs of each student. Small group classes will typically have one teacher and 4 or 5 students.

4. Textbooks
IUP self-published textbooks will be made available via cloud storage or email. Students will be able to purchase the non-IUP published textbooks through Amazon.

5. Homework and Assignments
Handwritten homework assignments will be submitted online by students. Teachers will review and return feedback in the same manner.

6. Differences between Online Class and in-person Class
Because of the special situation that we are currently in, IUP is currently teaching our summer term in online mode and we will also teach the fall term in online mode. Aside from changing the teaching mode, however, IUP will strive to preserve all other in-person teaching methodologies.

7. Tests and Exams:
IUP students’ final grades will continue to be determined based on class performance, class preparation, attendance, mid-term exam, final exam and speeches. Exam papers will be sent to students online. Alternatively, a written essay assignment will be given, or an oral exam will be administered.

8. Other Activities:
Consideration is being given to replacing extracurricular activities with online lectures related to Chinese culture, history, politics, law, etc.

9. Fall Online Program Dates and Placement Test:
IUP’s Fall Online Program will officially start class on September 1st and will finish on December 18th as planned. All students will take an in-person placement test that includes a written test and a speaking test. In the online mode, the written part of the test will need to be submitted online. The speaking test will be administered by an IUP teacher who will call you via WeChat or Zoom. We will need to arrange your placement tests starting two weeks before September 1st.

10. Academic Hours
IUP will follow the same curriculum and students will have the same academic hours in IUP’s online fall course as they would if it had been offered in the in-person mode.

Our standard curriculum is 3 hours each day of small group classes (1 teacher and 4-5 students) and 1 hour of 1-on-1 class each day, five days a week. In general, this will include three textbooks. The “core textbook” will have 1 hour of 1-on-1 and 1 hour of 1-on-4-5 classes each day; the remaining two hours of 1-on-4-5 classes will generally be a listening comprehension class and an elective class (Newspaper Chinese, Classical Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese Literature, etc.). 

Final deadline for applying for 2020 IUP Fall Online Class is July 15th, 2020.