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Tsinghua Administration


The most crucial factor in IUP’s success have been its elite faculty and student body. The combination of carefully chosen well-trained teachers and highly motivated, strongly committed students has enabled IUP to maintain its high quality instruction. missiondots

James E. Dew and Vivian Ling

“The Inter-University Program (IUP): The Thirty- Four Years in Taipei,” in Ling, ed. The Field of Chinese Language Education in the U.S.: A Retrospective of the 20th Century, 147

Dr. Peng Kaiping


Dean, Tsinghua University School of Social Sciences

Dr. Kaiping Peng is the dean of the School of Social Sciences Tsinghua University. He received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1997. He had been the assistant chair of the psychology department of Beijing University, head of the social/personality psychology area in Berkeley, member of the American Psychological Association Leadership Council, executive committee of the Institute of East-Asian Studies, steering committee for the Diversity Research at UC Berkeley, the co-president of the Fifth International Conference of Chinese Psychologists Worldwide, and numerous other national and international professional academic services. As part of the Berkeley-Tsinghua collaborative project, he was appointed as the founding chair of the Psychology Department of Tsinghua University in 2008. He also directs the Culture and Cognition Lab and the Berkeley Program of Psychological Studies in China at UC-Berkeley. He has published eight books and more than 100 articles and essays on cultural and social psychology, as well as methodological issues of psychology.
  • PhD in Social Psychology, University of Michigan, 1997
  • Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Cultural Psychology
  • Methodology of Psychological Practice

Dr. Li Zhengfeng


Associate Dean, Tsinghua University School of Social Sciences, IUP Chinese Co-Director

Aside from being the associate dean of the Tsinghua University School of Social Sciences, Dr. Li Zhengfeng's many other positions include Professor of the Institute of Science, Technology and Society. He also serves as Director of Tsinghua University-CASAD Research Center for Synergetic Development of Science and Society, Vice President of the Chinese Association of Development Strategy Studies, Executive Director of the Chinese Association for Science of Science and Science and Technology Policy, Executive Director of Chinese Society for Dialectics of Nature. He has served as a member of the drafting group of the National Outline for Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development (2006-2020) and a member of the expert-review group of the People's Republic of China’s Revision of Science and Technology Progress Law. His main research areas include: sociological research of science and technology, scientific culture, science and technology development strategy and S&T policy, theory of innovation system and Chinese National Innovation System research.
  • Sociology of Science and Technology
  • Science and Technology Development Strategy
  • Systems Innovation Theory

Dr. Zhao Kejin


Associate Dean, Tsinghua University School of Social Sciences

Received his Ph.D. in Fudan University, Dr. Zhao Kejin is the deputy dean of the School of Social Sciences Tsinghua University. He is also a resident scholar at the Carnegie–Tsinghua Center and deputy director of Tsinghua’s center for U.S.-China relations. An expert on U.S. government and politics, comparative politics, political marketing, and Chinese diplomatic institutions, Zhao runs a program on China’s public diplomacy. Zhao is also an associate professor in the Institute of International Studies at Tsinghua University. Before joining the Tsinghua faculty, Zhao was an assistant professor with the Center for American Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai. Zhao has published numerous articles and books, including Building the Future: The Institutional Study on U.S. Congressional Lobbying Activities and Public Diplomacy: Theory and Practice.
  • Ph.D., Fudan University, 2005
  • US-China Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Diplomacy
  • American Studies