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IUP students have the choice of residing in off-campus apartments, living with Chinese host families, or applying for a place in Tsinghua’s foreign students dormitories.

Off-Campus Apartment

The vast majority of IUP students rent rooms in apartments with classmates and/or IUP alumni.

Expected cost: 3,500 RMB to 4,500 RMB per month for a bedroom in a shared apartment near campus.

Most students choose to live in the Wudaokou or Liudaokou neighborhoods, both of which are fairly close to campus and are populated by thousands of Chinese and international students. In Wudaokou specifically, many students live in either the Huaqing Jiayuan or the Wudaokou Jiayuan complexes.

Finding an Off-Campus Apartment

IUP can offer general advice and support on how to secure off-campus apartments, but students should expect to take this task on themselves. While this can seem daunting, the easiest way to find an off-campus apartment is through the network of IUP students and alumni living near campus.

“Current IUPers” Google group is the best method to connect with current students, future classmates, and recent alumni, many of whom share information about subletting their apartment or taking over a former student’s lease. IUP students are also members of program-related WeChat groups that incoming students can join and learn more about renting apartments near campus. Once you join the Current IUPers and related WeChat groups, you can make arrangements for a room even before arriving in Beijing.

Short-Term Rental Websites and Apps

Short-Term Rental Websites and Apps like AirBnB and similar Chinese services have become very popular in Beijing. While this is an attractive and convenient option, recent IUP students have had problems with their attempt to process the Temporary Residence Registration in apartments rented through these services.

Many accommodations on AirBnB are rented out by secondary landlords (i.e. not the property owner), often meaning that they do not have official ownership rights to the apartment. The result is they cannot register a foreign occupant with the local police station. Be sure to communicate with a potential landlord to ensure that he or she is able to produce the necessary documents for your Temporary Residence Registration. IUP staff will share more detailed information about this process after acceptance into the program.

On-Campus Dormitory

IUP cannot guarantee on-campus dormitory housing. There is a limited number of dormitory rooms open to international students on campus and very few IUP students are able to secure these accommodations. Dormitory rooms are only available for academic year, fall semester, spring semester students; dormitories are not available for summer term students.

Dormitory Prices

  • Single Room (with bathroom) = 80 RMB per day
  • Shared Suite (separate bedroom; shared bathroom, living room and kitchen) = 80 RMB per day
  • Shared Room (shared bathroom) = 40 RMB per day

Applying for Dormitory Housing

Enrollees in the academic year and semester programs are eligible to apply for on-campus dormitories. In order secure dormitory housing, students must apply through Tsinghua’s student housing website on the appointed dates that the application portal is active. IUP staff will share application instructions with student enrollment and visa materials. Thousands of international students at Tsinghua are applying for a very limited number of dorm rooms, so submitting the application form exactly when the application portal goes active is highly recommended; even so, the chances of receiving a dorm room are low.

Academic Year  / Fall Semester

  • IUP staff will share dormitory application instructions when visa documents are mailed to students.
  • The dormitory application portal on Tsinghua’s student housing website is active in early to mid-August. The exact dates change every academic year.
  • Students should apply for dormitory housing before arriving in Beijing.

Spring Semester

  • IUP’s spring semester starts in early January; Tsinghua’s spring semester does not start until after Lunar New Year, generally in mid- to late February.
  • IUP staff will share dormitory application instructions after students arrive in Beijing.
  • The dormitory application portal on Tsinghua’s student housing website is active in late January to early February. The exact dates change every academic year.
  • Students should apply for dormitory housing about one month into their study at IUP. This means that spring semester students still need to arrange accommodations for the first month of the program.

Homestay with Host Family

IUP can place a limited number of students in homestay accommodations with Chinese families. Most of the families are part of the IUP-Tsinghua community, living on or near campus. Living with a host family allows a full cultural immersion and more opportunities to practice speaking Chinese, but it also requires that students are willing to be respectful of the host family’s culture and house rules. Interested students should notify IUP staff of their desire for homestay accommodations shortly after admission to the program.

Home stay price: 4,500 RMB – 6,500 RMB per month

No matter where you choose to live you are welcome to participate in student activities, dining and libraries on campus.



IUP recommends that students stay in a hotel after their initial arrival in Beijing. Hotels are the most convenient option for students who have just completed an intercontinental flight, are likely carrying a lot of luggage, and dealing with jetlag. IUP staff can reserve rooms for students at affordable hotels near Tsinghua’s campus.



Chinese law requires that every non-citizen register at the local police station within 24 hours of arrival at new accommodations. Local authorities have become increasingly strict in their enforcement of this regulation. Failure to do so can result in daily fines and other punishments.

Hotels automatically complete this registration process when an international customer checks in to their room.

If one rents an apartment, the apartment landlord must accompany the tenant to the local police station. The landlord must be the owner of the apartment and bring his/her ID card, Household Registration, and apartment deed / property ownership certificate to the police station. If the landlord cannot or is unwilling to participate in this registration, international students cannot live there.